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Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves pdf free
Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves pdf free

Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves by Manny Patino, Jorge Moreno

Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves

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Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves Manny Patino, Jorge Moreno ebook
ISBN: 1576239101, 9781576239100
Publisher: Warner Bros
Format: pdf
Page: 98

Rick Latham – Advanced Funk Studies 44. I've seen this book in the local book shop. Manny Patiño & Jorge Moreno - Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves. I compared it with at least two similar books: Alfred Mastertracks: Latin by Steve Hougton and Tom Warrington and the `Salsa guidebook for piano & ensemble' by Rebecca Mauleo'n. Afro Cuban Bass Grooves Manny Patiño & Jorge Moreno PDF+MP3.rar. Since all swing comes from Afro-Cuban, introducing or re-introducing the Afro-Cuban 6/8 feel can lock in that groove for anything from “Lil' Darlin'” to “Shiny Stockings.” If you're reading this and are surprised to hear that all swing comes from . Book: Rapidshare Drums CD: Rapidshare Bass CD: Rapidshare · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Список материалов. Download (Audio) · Download (PDF). Публикую список учебных материалов, которые у меня есть. These lessons enable the student to practice applying the bass lines to typical chords and progressions. Dm7 dorian scale: D-E-F-G-A-B-C Try to transpose this lick to all different keys. Rick Latham – Contemporary Drumset Techniques 45. Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves ( BOOK + CD ). Info: Afro Cuban Bass Grooves Manny Patiño & Jorge Moreno PDF+MP3.rar Bass Arquivos Zip. Afro-Cuban Slap Bass Lines Afro-Cuban rhythms are hot, and the bass is the beating heart of the groove! Mature rhythm sections feel these 6/8 patterns as the underlying groove between the quarter notes of a walking-bass line or a swing ride-cymbal pattern. Robby Ameen – Afro-cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums – Funkifiying the Clave 46. Lincoln Goines and Robby Ameen - Funkifying the Clave - Afro Cuban Grooves For Bass And Drums.

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